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Director Development & Business Skills for Golf & Sports Enthusiasts & their teams. 

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Thank you for dropping by, we hope you are well. 

Before we start, we want to say something really important. You might have found us by searching for "networking" and you will see the work '"networking" on our site but we are much less about Networking in the traditional sense  than we are about putting a great team around you who form a trusted sounding board for you. We don't like that traditional sort of networking  where people come to drop off their business card and just come for what they can get, we are about creating sturdy personal relationships that stand the test of time.

85% of our Directors stay with us much longer than their first year, which is testimony to the  quality of people in the club.

We also wonder, like our existing clients whether you have ever been on courses and been sat in a classroom bored out of your brains? Do you wish you could be out of the office more? If the answer to these questions is YES, drop us a line today to find out more. We know it can be an isolating place leading a team of people so drop us a line today to get the monthly refresh that you need.

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Learn Business skills

Develop your leadership and business skills whilst out in the fresh air on the golf course with cleverly designed modules using the game of golf to interpret business situations.


Meet some great people

Take time out with other Directors and get the space and time you need to think about business issues.

Golf networking

Learn / improve golf

Learn to play golf or brush up your existing skills with the revolutionary Easiest Swing in Golf system.

golf networking

"fantastic opportunity to consider leadership through golf. so beneficial. helps me be a better CEO"

"simple yet highly ingenious. remarkable and inspirational"

How does it work

How do we use the game of golf to teach leadership and business skills? In this video we use the bunker to help us look at problem solving techniques.

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Do I have to play golf to join in? The simple answer is "No", you don't have to play golf but a general interest in sport will help you feel a shared connection. For your teams we have designed our programmes for all ages and abilities. Around 85% of the delegates that our Directors bring on our programmes are non-golfers.

"Jo and Julian work so hard and are such good fun too"!

Why Us?

People come to us not only to be part of the Directors Club but because they know their teams can learn a lot from us too. They say that they love that we are different. They say they love the fresh air and the unique way that golf can bring business skills to life. They say they trust us to do a really good job and that we are friendly. We are no-nonsense but you will always go away with a smile on your face and lots of learning outcomes.  People tell us that we do more than we need to and we are down to earth.


Why us

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