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Director Level Stress Management and Wellbeing for Golf & Sports Enthusiasts & their teams. 

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Out in the fresh air

Take time out with other Directors and get the space and time you need to think about business issues.

Golf networking

Learn The Easiest Swing in Golf

Learn to play a more enjoyable and relaxed game of golf with the revolutionary Easiest Swing in Golf system.

golf networking

Fresh air is good for you

"fantastic opportunity to consider leadership through golf. so beneficial. helps me be a better CEO"

How does it work

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85% of our clients come back for more.

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"simple yet highly ingenious. remarkable and inspirational"

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Do I have to play golf to join in? The simple answer is "No", you don't have to play golf but a general interest in sport will help you feel a shared connection. For your teams we have designed our programmes for all ages and abilities. Around 85% of the delegates that our Directors bring on our programmes are non-golfers.

"Jo and Julian work so hard and are such good fun too"!

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