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Best Results for Moderate Swing Speed



For golfers with 79 MPH or less swing speeds, the highest launching XXIO Prime is best. For golfers with 80-95 MPH swing speeds, the Dual Speed Technology in XXIO9 will perform best. For golfers with swing speeds above 95 MPH, XXIO likely won’t perform as intended.

“I tried the XXIO Ladies 12.5 Degree Driver. I fell in love with it. It’s so much lighter than my old driver. Easy to swing and easy to find the sweet spot. My game is genuinely improving because of this driver.”

-Cindy Carlsson, XXIO Customer

Experience the Difference


XXIO (pronounced zek-si-oh) is one of the world’s fastest growing premium golf equipment manufacturers. With the highest quality materials and revolutionary technologies, XXIO products are painstakingly crafted for the discerning golfer with a moderate swing speed. Rather than cater to golf’s most advanced players, we design golf clubs, balls, and accessories for the exclusive benefit of those who use them — our customers. XXIO engineers stop at nothing in the pursuit of excellence. The result is a family of products that helps moderate swing speed golfers increase enjoyment of the game with lower scores and better performance. 

Real Gains for Moderate Swing Speeds


 What separates XXIO from other manufacturers is the design approach. XXIO designs clubs for golfers with moderate swing speeds. This is a different approach from other manufacturers who generally focus on the best golfers in the world with extremely high swing speeds. Sixteen years of developing clubs solely for moderate swing speed golfers has helped differentiate XXIO designs and technologies for truly better performance. 

Higher and Further


 XXIO is different. XXIO designs the head, shaft, and grip for each club as a cohesive unit for moderate swing speed golfers. This produces unique golf clubs that are exceptionally easy to swing, which launch the ball higher and farther. 

Unmatched Performance


 XXIO uses advanced materials and manufacturing processes to produce clubs with an exhilarating, unmatched level of performance. 



 Built for improved accuracy and distance, the XXIO X  Irons’ progressive design and True-Focus Impact Technology offer exceptional performance in every loft.

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