announcing our new 'fresh air' coaching


You know it's time to change. Life is too short to be a slave to your job so take an hour out with Jo Cameron to discover an easier more relaxed way of going about life. 

Working life can be a lonely place especially if you run a business or lead a team. Coupled with all the demands on your time you might be feeling a level of stress and overwhelm.

If this is you, peel yourself away from your desk for an hour to get everything back into perspective. Whilst walking the course and / or playing golf, your troubles will melt away.


Jo has been an executive coach for many years with some fantastic results. This new coaching service enables you to enjoy one of your favourite places (the golf course) whilst chatting through the issues of the day.

Whilst outside in the fresh air it enables you to think clearer and have a freedom that you might not get that often.

Making the complex simple

"Jo has a real empathy with people. She has a really great way of making the complicated seem really straightforward. If you don't understand she'll keep explaining until you are clear. She has the benefit of some difficult life circumstances that help her to have a real depth of understanding of most issues. She is like a breath of fresh air".

HOw does it work?

Arrive for coffee

Grab a quick coffee on arrival then get straight outside into the fresh air.

Bring your clubs

Whilst playing golf and / or walking the course you discuss your issues confidentially with Jo who will help you find solutions to your problems.


"Thank you Jo! I've at last got my mojo back"

Is it for me?

This is you if you need a confidential sounding board, a trusted confidant who can help guide you towards an easier working life.

How will I feel afterwards

Most people say they feel like a weight has been lifted, that they feel energised or inspired but certainly with a clearer mind.

How much does it cost?

This service is launched in September and the first five clients to sign up for October can receive coaching at £75 per hour.