stress management & wellbeing coaching on and off the course


Do you get frustrated or annoyed with your golf? Would you like to stay calm, even after the bad shots? In this video, Jo Cameron, Julian Mellor’s (of The Easiest Swing in Golf) fiancé, explains what could be getting in your way and what to do about it. 


First things first. You should not be accepting stress as the norm. If you are tired every day and feeling like you haven't got enough time to do the things you want to do then you need to make a change. The easy thing to do is do nothing. Likewise if you're golf is getting to you, don't let it go on anymore.

If you know it's time to change pick up the phone today and arrange to come and see Jo Cameron to walk, talk and get things off your chest. Whilst walking the course and / or playing golf, your troubles will melt away.


Jo has been an executive coach for many years with some fantastic results. This new coaching service enables you to enjoy one of your favourite places (the golf course) whilst chatting through the issues of the day.

Whilst outside in the fresh air it enables you to think clearer and have a freedom that you might not get that often.


One hours coaching


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Why coaching?

Background to coaching

Having decided back in 2003 that a career in the Motor Industry wasn't for me, I left and retrained as a coach. During the 15 years in the industry before I left, I had witnessed some terrible management and some awful levels of stress. Indeed, I'd been on the receiving end of it too which wasn't pleasant. 

I'd observed how things could go really well given the right leadership and how badly they could go under the wrong type of leadership. During my time as a Senior Manager in HR, I'd also watched many of my friends suffer from stress, mental health related issues and burnout. And I did too.

After studying for my coaching diploma I started to use the valuable processes that I'd learned on myself . After being able to get things back under my control I then started coaching others with a high degree of success.

The areas that I specialise in are :

  • Work-life balance
  • Stress Management and reduction
  • Staying Calm on the Golf Course

Coaching is a process to allow you to consider things in a way that you might not have considered on your own. It enables you to discover things that might not be so obvious to you and it can leave you reinvigorated. Coaching can also lead to improved decision making and increased clarity.

My job as a coach is to remain impartial to listen and support you in finding a better work-life balance or to help you find ways to de-stress.  It's my duty to help you work through problems so you can offload when you need to.

Please get in touch if you think I could help you by emailing

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Making the complex simple

"Jo has a real empathy with people. She has a really great way of making the complicated seem really straightforward. If you don't understand she'll keep explaining until you are clear. She has the benefit of some difficult life circumstances that help her to have a real depth of understanding of most issues. She is like a breath of fresh air".

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HOw does it work?


Arrive for coffee

Grab a quick coffee on arrival then get straight outside into the fresh air.

Bring your clubs

Whilst playing golf and / or walking the course you discuss your issues confidentially with Jo who will help you find solutions to your problems.


"Thank you Jo! I've at last got my mojo back"

Is it for me?

This is you if you need a confidential sounding board, a trusted confidant who can help guide you towards an easier working life.

How will I feel afterwards

Most people say they feel like a weight has been lifted, that they feel energised or inspired but certainly with a clearer mind.

How much does it cost?

For your initial session it is £75 per hour.