here's how golf is helping people stay healthy in mind and body

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May 2019 - Club Pro Launches Mental Health Programme with Golf as it helped him turn his life around : 

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It's official, golf is good for your health!

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Being part of the group as realigned my love for golf

A little story from Ben Clay one of our 1st Tee Directors Club Members :   


"I played golf last Tuesday (18 holes) for the first time in a long time.  Using some of the skills we have worked on in the class room with Jo and with Julian.

The biggest benefit I think golf provides is being present.  Most of the time you are out in the fresh air, socialising, closer to nature.  Being part of the group has realigned my love for golf, and being part of the group has enabled me to use golf as a welcome distraction for time out away from work helping me to reassess and recharge. So much so I have enquired with the club my house backs onto  who have a ‘get back into golf’ membership. I’ve had the application come through today.’

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Golf got me walking and looking at the world beyond my monitor


Discovering golf was, as much as anything, rediscovering that old adage that ‘fresh air does you good’. As a busy businesswoman I was spending a lot of my time in an office, behind a desk or in an artificially lit meeting room. As much as I love my work I was always tired and my business partner and I were struggling to communicate as the pressure mounted.

When we got the motivation to try our hand at some golf it became much more than an opportunity to swing a club. It got me walking, made me move, got me talking and, once again looking at the world beyond my monitor. 

And, whilst I’ll not be heading to the masters any time soon, the fresh perspective it has given me has led me back to exercise and to a more open dialogue about stress and life balance. Celia Business Owner Fresh Nous 

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"Golf is my new form of meditation"

" When I started playing golf I found that I focussed so much on that small white ball that I had no inclination to think about anything else – it’s now my form of meditation!  It is more physically demanding than I realised and really good exercise with plenty of walking and fresh air.  All in all, a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day in the office. Golf is my fresh air therapy" Tracy Cross Partner Band Hatton Button


Former BBC Media Star turns to golf to help her turn her life around

Jo Cameron (co-founder of 1st Tee Directors Club) was a regular face  in the media following her appearance on the hit TV show The Apprentice.  But in 2015 as the pressure  from running a business  and juggling family life became too much,  she collapsed from burnout.  It was golf that proved to be her saviour. 

Jo Cameron has always been a go getter. She went at everything full pace. A sports fan, in her youth hockey was ‘her thing’ but when her back gave way and when she found herself single in her late 30’s she was looking for a new hobby. After assessing a range of different hobbies, it was golf that she opted for. Her dad played and she thought that it would be a great way to meet new friends and to hopefully meet some new business contacts. She got more than she bargained for lol!

That was 11 years ago. After one golf lesson with Julian Mellor they very quickly knew that they would spend the rest of their lives together.  They were keen to work together too. Her with her business background and Julian with his passion to help golfers, they always knew they could offer something unique but never found the right thing until Julian was introduced to a way of coaching golf called The Easiest Swing in Golf. 

Underpinning the concept of The Easiest Swing in Golf which was created by Brian Sparks, is the need to remove tension from the golf swing. With Jo’s corporate background they very quickly discovered a niche. After a couple of experimental years, Jo and Julian started offering well-being sessions out on the golf course. They would demonstrate using golf, that if you become tight and tense you use more energy and your results deteriorate. When you are tense you also use much more energy which leaves you feeling exhausted at the end of the round, just like you would at work. 

It was whilst they were developing the modules that combined business and well-being that Jo started to feel the real benefit of being outside on the golf course. They would develop each new module by applying it to themselves before they set about introducing it to clients. They developed such modules as Mindfulness, Creative Thinking, Well-being for Teams and how to get your team going in the right direction. Jo never left the course without a key piece of learning or a light bulb moment.

Jo adds, “For years I had been reading books, going to seminars and had learned a lot but there was nothing quite like going out of the golf course to inspire me and help me learn. I learned so much about myself whilst hitting golf balls or sometimes I would just walk the course. I discovered that I felt much better when I was not sitting still in an office chair. The beautiful manicured golf courses made me feel alive. I began to see nature like I never had before, and I began to see the golf course as a manuscript for life. The greens became my metaphorical business targets. The putting green gave me a chance to really be in the moment. My practise on the driving range allowed me to escape into myself. Over and above all that, as many golfers will tell you, being out on the golf course with friends is really liberating. There are no hindrances (well excluding bunkers and trees of course), there is no chaotic hum of a factory or an office, just yourself and the birds and the other wonderful things in nature. I’ve still got lots to learn from golf but what I do know is that golf is game that I can play into my old age and since ridding it of stress and tension my enjoyment of the game as increased no end. 

Try it today and see how you get on.