Some Example of Leadership Training and Team Building Activities for work

Reducing Stress

Stress is all too common in organisations today so we get you out into the fresh air and teach you how to destress

Building Resilience Skills

There are various elements to become more resilient. Golf activities are a great way to test resilience and learn more skills to get you through the ups and downs of business life

Confidence Building

We have witnessed on many occasions that simply learning a new skill like hitting a golf ball can stimulate the mind into becoming more confident in other tasks

Managing Change

Change is inevitable in organisations and this is one of the most successful modules we run on how to deal with change

Emotional Intelligence

Emotions come to the surface very quickly out on the golf course. This in itself offers your team powerful observations of themselves when under pressure

What type of Leader Am I?

A set of golf clubs offers the perfect simulation of different leadership skills. Right from the Driver down to the putter we have developed a very memorable way of learning about leadership styles

Examples of Leadership Modules

Download the worked examples here of Team Building Activities for work and Leadership Training

Worked Examples of Leadership Modules (docx)


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