Golf is good for your mental health

BBC NEWS :  People who play golf live longer than those who do not, new research has suggested.

Edinburgh scientists claimed the sport was likely to increase life expectancy, help chronic diseases and improve mental health.

Researchers reviewed 5,000 studies into golf and found it had physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages.

They found the physical gains increased with age.

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locations of 1st tee directors clubs

Think there's more to life than work? Come and join in once per month to get away from your desk

Currently at :

Adencote Golf Hotel and Spa Warwickshire

Soon to be opening at Hagley Golf Club - book here to join us at the launch event

More clubs opening soon. Stay tuned.

Is work much busier that it once was? Are you thinking there is more to life than this? Is your life so hectic you don't get time to think? Do you like golf and / want to learn or improve? If so, you are in the right place.

The 1st Tee Directors club helps you prioritise your workload. It's make you realise what's important and how to make better decisions.

Getting away from your desk once a month to meet with a strategically assembled group of peers is a powerful way to clear your head. By getting out into the fresh air with people like yourselves who like their golf who can chat freely in between the golf activities, really pays dividends. 

Coupled with learning golf or improving your game of golf you leave with new ideas, new solutions and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Golf and business work brilliantly so here at 1st Tee Directors Club, you get to the chance to follow both your passions whilst legitimately being out of the office.

Julian Mellor  who helped set up the Directors Club is listed in the Top 25 Golf Channels on YouTube. Check it out!

Jo Cameron has for many years successfully run business clubs and set this one up with Julian in 2015. 

We have a maximum of 10 people in each group.

What do I get?

Over the year this is what you get :

  • Up to 12 days of Professional Development 
  • Comprehensive set of notes each month
  • Invitation to events
  • Your own Personal Learning Journal
  • A complimentary copy of the book Positive Impact Golf
  • Golf Coaching
  • Opportunity to play golf 
  • Branded Golf Gear
  • Invitation to exclusive events
  • Tea, coffee and refreshments on arrival
  • Sounding board sessions 
  • Optional afternoon in the spa

All Equipment is provided if you don't have it

Packages start from £195 + vat per month

What do we do?

Over the year we meet 10 times. Sometimes we play a few holes sometimes we don't. Sometimes we have tuition, sometimes we are engaged in golf drills.  The bottom line is that you don't need to be an experienced player to join. Over the year we link golf skills to these topics :

1. Managing Change

2. Creating Vision

3. The Mindful Leader

4. Emotional Intelligence

5. Strategic Decision Making

6. Creating Team Spirit

7. Developing Resilience

8. Self and Time Management

9. What type of Leader am I?

10. Problem Solving

Each session we link the learning from golf coaching with a business skill so you take away two new skill sets.


Tracy Cross talks about the value of the club

"The Golf Makes Everything More Memorable"

are you interested? get in touch

What do people say about it?

 “I thought I could meet more business people by going to networking events but there simply wasn’t the calibre of people there even at places you’d expect them to be. That’s what I really like about the Directors Club, it’s people with large businesses”

 "It's a space where you feel totally relaxed and safe to share important business issues. In one session it can pay for the whole years fees in just one idea that you take away." 

“I will remember the Management of Change Module for the rest of my life. I’m not being funny but it was really powerful. I was in the middle of implementing a new computer system and it was proving really challenging. After the session I took away a lot more skills on how to make it go more smoothly and I’m pleased to say that it did”

Others describe it as “brilliant”. Others say it’s their “sanity in a crazy world”.

Others describe it as their “me time” because they never take time out of work to reflect.

Others say that each month they “take the ideas back to their first line meeting to implement change”

What do our members say

What can businesses learn from golf?

If you have always fancied leaning to play so you can join in those golf days, or if you want to improve your golf and you still want to be in and around the sport, your'e in the right place.

There are lots of skills that you need to play golf that are transferable into the boardroom. Things such as Strategy and Planning. Teamwork if you are playing in a team based format. Other skills such as mental strength, determination, adaptability to different environments. You also need to be able to remain calm under pressure, be aware of the rules and etiquette and must stay Mindful at all times. These are all also skills that you need in business. 

They say that because the learning is so practical it is easy to transfer back to the workplace.

If that's not enough to like, then there's the fresh air and the beautiful environment that a golf course provides. Many of our people say they need to get out of the office more and even when it's cold they still want to get outside. 

There is so much to be gained and so much enjoyment that can be had by just being in and around the game even when not playing. Come and see it and feel it for yourself.


We follow a similar agenda each month :

0900 - Arrive, coffee and breakfast

0930 - Catch up on the month

1000 - Guided Discussion on a Business Topic

1100 - Golf Tuition

1200 - Linking the learning from both sessions

1230 - Morning Finishes

Our Club Members

Given below is a sample of the people in the club to give you a feel for the range of professions and industries. 

We don’t openly make our members public unless we have express permission to do so. 

Our clients are a closely regarded group of people who do not appreciate being spammed.

A female CEO of a Multi-Academy Trust with 8 academic institutions. At her first school she took it from being in the bottom 14 in the country to the top 14. As a result of that she has been asked to take on more Academies and is now one of the UK’s leading voices in Academia. A dynamic, courageous, inspiration individual.

A Warwickshire male business owner with a moving, storage and farming company. An entrepreneurial, intelligent smart cookie who has a trek to the North Pole to his name. His company is family owned and the family have lived at the location since 1933. The farm has seen a lot of change over the years to include poultry and crop storage but now has 1000 acres of owned and rented arable land as well as the storage and removals company who was recently voted The Best Company in the UK

A owner of a Northamptonshire based Exhibition Company. A dynamic, driven individual. Owner of one of the UK’s leading ‘fixed priced’ exhibition company. 20 staff. 

Owner of a Leamington based Financial Planners and Risk Management Company established in 1962. Former Rugby Union Planner loves golf!

Partner and Head of The Family Department in Coventry’s biggest legal firm. Worked in the Legal profession for 25 years and is highly regarded by her clients. Loves playing golf too!

Company Owner Financial Accounting Practice. Built it up from scratch in 2005. Ten Staff. “I would not be in the position that I am today without him and his team”