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"Makes me a better CEO"

"Fantastic opportunity to challenge yourself on so many levels. To consider leadership through the vehicle of golf is amazing. A great bunch of people offering support and challenge in our roles within our individual organisations/business etc. This time together is sooooo beneficial. It certainly helps me to be a better and stronger CEO"

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"my monthly does of common sense and reality" Tracy Cross Band Hatton Button

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A wonderful day out with your team. Highly recommended. I really liked EVERYTHING - HSBC



Simple yet ingenious

"Just how do you invigorate your senior teams and give them professional development that is creative and enjoyable to make them take the next steps towards excellence? You commission 1st Tee Directors to deliver world-class programmes through golf and the boardroom.

As CEO I wanted to support my senior staff and assist them in improving their portfolio of leadership and management attributes. Jo and Julian provided us with a simple yet highly ingenious day that skillfully mixed the theory of leading through the medium of golf. Only one out of eight of my senior team had ever picked up a club never mind played but they all came back the next day full of enthusiasm and remarked on how they enjoyed the practical side of the day.

Without reservation, I cannot do justice to the remarkable and inspirational day 1st Tee Directors provided. This will without doubt be one of the best decisions you will make to improve morale, productivity and impact in your team". 

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Overall average scores out of 10


Venue 8.6, Catering 7.5, Facilitation 8.6, Learning 7.5, Team Building 8.9, 

Learning Atmosphere 8.6, Usefulness 7.9, Enjoyment 9.2

100% of people said YES they would recommend us to other people 

Excellent Day

"This was an excellent day for networking, leadership development skills and a few golf skills too!  I spent some time doing one of the golf exercises with a non golfer. We both found the learning around tension really informative. The practical use of golf really helps to reinforce and illustrate the learning. I find this means I can remember what I've learnt long after the event. Better yet, I can apply the learning to my golf and the work place - what's not to like! "

Tracy Cross, Partner Band Hatton Button, Coventry's biggest law firm

Thank you to you both

"I had a fantastic couple of days again with you and Julian and took a lot from it personally and professionally. I’ve already put some skills into practise this morning working through solutions for some creative work with a client – a great way of extracting a good brief from them!

Thanks to you both for last week and a special thank you to Julian for his openness and honesty"

Speak very soon, Celia

Illuminating and well worthwhile

"Just to let you both know I found the whole concept very illuminating, and well worthwhile. You two make a very good team. The golf improvement alone was worth the price! However I am also reflecting on the business insights which came out of the day. All of them will be useful. I have already achieved a result this morning"!

Kind Regards, David

From the USA

Cheers to Julian and Jo! Your videos with have also been inspirational for my accomplishment.



Bradford, Pennslvania

Great Day Out

Great day out . We know all know that there are many parallels between the sporting world and business but this was very well packaged to get the learnings across in a fun and enjoyable way”

Wayne Morris

Head of Executive Search

Extremely Useful

 "This short course was extremely useful both for my career and golf alike. Using them both together was thoroughly engaging and something I will put into practice. I would recommend this course to anyone who is a keen golfer or for someone who would like to get into golf as this course can  be related to any business out there. Both Jo & Julian were very approachable and made the day a lot of fun! "

Kind Regards, 

Dominic Fortey, Sheridan Maine, Birmingham

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