Why Choose Us?

Fast Results

We are not the cheapest but because of our active learning, your people will learn quickly so you will get results FAST

Vastness - 4000 X the classroom

With unique access to the golf course you get 4000 times as much space at the average classroom

The complete service

Because we are permanently based at a Golf Hotel and Spa we can book all the conference rooms, overnight stays and anything else you need to accompany your day.

No formal training

Unlike many other leadership and training providers we are NOT trained in NLP, Hypnotherapy or any other trickery that might be able to trick you into doing stuff you don't want to do! We also haven't been on any sales training courses so you find won't any hard sell either!

Down to earth

People tell us what they like about us is that we are down-to-earth and approachable. But of course you have to test that for yourself 

Return Business

90% of our clients return at least once. 100% of people surveyed said YES they would recommend us to a friend