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"Absolutely golden"

 What does 1st Tee Director’s Club do for me?

"This is a big question because the 1st Tee Director’s Club has so many facets and it’s strengths lie very much in the fact that each person takes away something different and meaningful depending on what resonates with them.  What it is true to say though is that there is always a learning point.  Whether that is learning something about your own strengths or points to work on or learning how other people might behave, there is always something you can take from your time there.  What I really love about this time is that it is not class room learning or lecturing.  There is theory however, it’s put together so carefully by Jo, and Julian then illustrates the learning beautifully via physical activity that it certainly doesn’t feel like much work or effort is involved.  The physical activity is always outside which in itself is a real treat as whatever the weather, it helps free the mind and leave you refreshed and invigorated.  If you enjoy your golf, the added bonus is that you can pick up tips from Julian.  If you don’t know anything about golf and care even less, the physical activity is not strenuous or complicated and you don’t need to have any particular knowledge or skills, it just illustrates the point.  I find that being involved in discussions, in a safe and confidential space, and then following it up with activity means that I remember much more about the sessions than if I was lectured to.  The membership is diverse and each person brings a new perspective to the table.  Jo and Julian are the perfect hosts and facilitators.  This time for me each month is absolutely golden and I look forward to it as a highlight of my month ahead "


Emlyn Evans - MD Squab - removal company of the year

Talking in Confidence

 "I get an opportunity once a month to get out of the business and develop my understanding of business related ideas/principles that very often also flow in to my personal life.  I also have the opportunity to talk in confidence about anything going on in or outside of the workplace that I would value some feedback/second opinion on.   The golf bit is an added bonus and often acts as something that takes your mind of day to day matters (as well as improving my technical ability)."


It's my monthly dose of sanity

"As a busy CEO in the Education Sector I don't get much time to think and I certainly don't get much time for me so the monthly 1st Directors Club offers me sanity in a crazy world. I always come away with something that helps me be a better CEO" BM CEO in Education Sector

Legitimate reason to be out of the office

"For many years I've run my own business and it's full on. I recognised I needed to get out of the office more. It's always too easy to stay busy at the desk but I knew I needed to get away from it now and again. Jan and Feb were flat out and when I came to the meeting in February I was shattered but after the fresh air and some banter with the guys I left feeling so much better." RB, MD of Exhibition Company

Helps me prioritise

"I love seeing you guys each month. Such a great laugh. Always make me feels so much better. The session on Wellbeing really made me think. I'd had a really busy time in work, we'd moved house and what I really needed to do that day was be at home not at work. The 1st Tee Directors club helps me realise what's the most important thing that I should be doing. It helps me get clarity of mind" JB, Business Owner Construction Sector

My monthly dose of common sense

"The Directors Club is awesome. As a busy partner in a lawyer firm my life can be a bit crazy. I call my half day sessions my common sense and reality. I always take something away too. Everything is so much more memorable because we are outside".   TC, Partner Law Firm

Doesn't get much better than this

"There is nothing wrong with my life. I joined The 1st Tee Directors Club to see what else was out there. I think it's brilliant because I've met some really good friends and I always take something away that I can share with the team". EE Company Owner 

I've been in business cubs before

"I've been in business clubs before but the ideas weren't sustainable. What I like about 1st Tee is that is it common sense with solutions that actually work. One memorable session that we did on Teamwork paid for my subs in one go" DH, Business Owner Financial Sector

what else are people saying?


Simple yet ingenious

"Just how do you invigorate your senior teams and give them professional development that is creative and enjoyable to make them take the next steps towards excellence? You commission 1st Tee Directors to deliver world-class programmes through golf and the boardroom.

As CEO I wanted to support my senior staff and assist them in improving their portfolio of leadership and management attributes. Jo and Julian provided us with a simple yet highly ingenious day that skillfully mixed the theory of leading through the medium of golf. Only one out of eight of my senior team had ever picked up a club never mind played but they all came back the next day full of enthusiasm and remarked on how they enjoyed the practical side of the day.

Without reservation, I cannot do justice to the remarkable and inspirational day 1st Tee Directors provided. This will without doubt be one of the best decisions you will make to improve morale, productivity and impact in your team". 

CEO Education Sector


Overall average scores out of 10

Venue 8.6, Catering 7.5, Facilitation 8.6, Learning 7.5, Team Building 8.9, 

Learning Atmosphere 8.6, Usefulness 7.9, Enjoyment 9.2

100% of people said YES they would recommend us to other people 

Excellent Day

"This was an excellent day for networking, leadership development skills and a few golf skills too!  I spent some time doing one of the golf exercises with a non golfer. We both found the learning around tension really informative. The practical use of golf really helps to reinforce and illustrate the learning. I find this means I can remember what I've learnt long after the event. Better yet, I can apply the learning to my golf and the work place - what's not to like! "

Tracy Cross, Partner Band Hatton Button, Coventry's biggest law firm

Thank you to you both

"I had a fantastic couple of days again with you and Julian and took a lot from it personally and professionally. I’ve already put some skills into practise this morning working through solutions for some creative work with a client – a great way of extracting a good brief from them!

Thanks to you both for last week and a special thank you to Julian for his openness and honesty"

Speak very soon, Celia

Illuminating and well worthwhile

"Just to let you both know I found the whole concept very illuminating, and well worthwhile. You two make a very good team. The golf improvement alone was worth the price! However I am also reflecting on the business insights which came out of the day. All of them will be useful. I have already achieved a result this morning"!

Kind Regards, David

From the USA

Cheers to Julian and Jo! Your videos with have also been inspirational for my accomplishment.



Bradford, Pennslvania

Great Day Out

Great day out . We know all know that there are many parallels between the sporting world and business but this was very well packaged to get the learnings across in a fun and enjoyable way”

Wayne Morris

Head of Executive Search


Head of Corporate Banking

"A wonderful day out with your team. Highly recommended".

Birmingham Airport

The Owners and Directors Club is a special group of people which is made even more special by the fact that everyone is handpicked

CEO of Mutli-Academy Trust

World-class. Inspirational. Brilliant.

Celia - Fresh Nous Marketing

"As well as being an eye opener in terms of what I can achieve I also had a really wonderful time with fellow attendees and amazing coaches. I managed to enjoy a bit of golf, a sport I never believed would suit me, and giving me a renewed perspective on what is possible when you open your mind." 

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Jaguar LandRover

"Great balance between discussion and activity. Putting task really good. Enjoyed that a lot. Enjoyed the link between tension and stress. Some really good examples!Very good team building. Nice relaxed facilitation. Great fun. Really good link between golf and business with some hints and exercises that really support objectives of team building. I would definitely recommend using RedMane for your Wellbeing or Team Building programme

Sheridan Maine

 "This course was extremely useful both for my career and golf alike. Using them both together was thoroughly engaging and something I will put into practice. I would recommend this course to anyone who is a keen golfer or for someone who would like to get into golf as this course can  be related to any business out there. Both Jo & Julian were very approachable and made the day a lot of fun!  "
Dominic Fortey, Senior Consultant, Sheridan Maine, Birmingham 

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