Why is learning move effective when moving about?

Benefits of Moving About Whilst Learning


Actively involved in the Learning Process

By actively involving your team in the process of learning through practical activities, the learning is more powerful and memorable than being 'told' what to learn. In turn this leads to more effective Leadership Training Programmes

More Attentive

Moving around and taking short breaks to get up and move around makes you more attentive. See an article on how children learn better when involved in movement from The New York Times here 

Sitting in classrooms is dead

Sitting for long periods in a classroom, slows down oxygen to brain and makes learning less effective. Think about it...how many times do you 'drift off' somewhere else whilst sitting listening to someone?

Faster Congnitive Processing

"Greater attention, faster cognitive processing speed and perform better than those who are less active.” National Academies of Science, Medicene and Medicene. View here

Like "Miracle-Gro for the Brain"

Increased oxygen to the brain that may enhance its ability to learn. Alterations to neurotransmitters. Structural changes in the central nervous system. Read more here

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Never played golf before. I got to have a wonderful time away from the office with my team. A great team building event - Corporate Banking Client

"The whole concept of using golf as a way to learn about Leadership is very illuminating, and well worthwhile. Jo and Julian make a very good team. The golf improvementt alone was worth the money! However I am also reflecting on the business insights which came out of the day. All of them will be useful. I have already achieved a result from what I learned! You really HAVE something here and it's very brave AND it really works!! 

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