"I've been to over 30 demo days and this was by far the best. Myself & my wife bought a set" David

About Us - The UK's leading Approved XXIO Retailer

Why Us

When you purchase your clubs from us, you are assured of the highest level of service. Right from trying out your clubs to the after sales service, your XXIO purchasing experience with us is second to none. 

The next demo dates are 22nd May, 12th June, 18th September 2018. Please call or email to book your appointment with us.

What separates XXIO

What separates XXIO from other manufacturers is the design approach. XXIO designs clubs for golfers with moderate swing speeds. This is a different approach from other manufacturers who generally focus on the best golfers in the world with extremely high swing speeds. Sixteen years of developing clubs solely for moderate swing speed golfers has helped differentiate XXIO designs and technologies for truly better performance. 

Ernie Els Ambassador

 “I’m proud to be on board as XXIO’s new Global Ambassador. Their high-end, high quality products and innovative technologies help the average golfer get more out of his or her game. I’m all for that.”

– Ernie Els  

Greater distance with us from XXIO

Call today on + 44 (0) 1926 257 550 or email info@xxiocentreuk.com for an appointment to come and try these fantastic golf clubs

Best selling golf clubs in Asia for the last 16 years

Approved XXIO Retailer

XXIO (pronounced zek-si-oh) is one of the world’s fastest growing premium golf equipment manufacturers. With the highest quality materials and revolutionary technologies, XXIO products are painstakingly crafted for the discerning golfer with a moderate swing speed. Rather than cater to golf’s most advanced players, XXIO design golf clubs, balls, and accessories for the exclusive benefit of those who use them — our customers. XXIO engineers stop at nothing in the pursuit of excellence. The result is a family of products that helps moderate swing speed golfers increase enjoyment of the game with lower scores and better performance.